Build a winning team for a whirlwind startup

Like many startups, a lot needed to happen very quickly to launch the Neat-Oh! International company, products, and go to market. And like many startups, it all happened at once instead of in succession. Add in that the product was to be produced in China. Subtract shipping time. Very few months were left to actually design and produce the first order of 4 different product designs – in time for the holiday season!

Rapid prototype animation

Rolling out new products quickly may require that the catalog artwork and promotion begins before the product is shipped. In many cases, the design of the product can be created 'virtually' through 3-d animation. In this sample animation, the artwork was created for the Playscape front and back. The digital file was 'mapped' to a 3-d wireframe model of the ZipBin and animated to show how the flat package transforms into a playmat, then transforms again and "Zips into a Bin".


Design worlds of fun

Designing 'worlds of fun' is a journey from sketches of imaginative play areas and art direction of illustrators, animators, printers, and fabricators to the last thread color, package design (in 10 languages!), catalogs, and promotions. ZipBin® storage containers unzip and transform into playmats with imaginative worlds of dinosaurs, princesses, castles, and farms. Then all the toys are easily zipped back up for easy storage and travel. With 3 children of our own, we understand the importance of interactive, creative play – and cleanup!

Design Defined Awards

Within the 1st year of existence, the products won the International Housewares Show Design Defined Award. Over the first 2 years the products garnered 16 awards and they continue to add to the list today that is over 88 awards and growing. Congratulations Neat-Oh!

Stationery systems, product design, catalogs, direct mail, packaging, animation, web design, and advertising

It's very exciting to see a company grow and to have the opportunity to help the founders bring their vision to market.

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