If you launch well, they will come

It often feels like building a plane while it's taking off, but behind the scenes is a deliberate design and building process. We have helped to launch brands as varied as national television programs, high-tech and bio-tech start-ups, a toy company, and a division of a global insurance company. Some of these stories are included here. Contact us to hear more about our process and how we can help launch your brand, product, or new initiative.

Identity and Naming

Larson-Marvine created the branding campaign and corporate identity for the launch of Impact Forecasting, a division of Aon. Impact Forecasting, provides proprietary risk analysis services. The name, symbol, and branding reinforce its distinctive capabilities within the insurance industry.

Sales and Marketing Kit

To unify marketing communications, we developed a visual vocabulary with dynamic imagery, bold colors and distinctive designs for an integrated branding campaign.

Branding continuity extends to the trade show booth, merchandise, print collateral, and electronic presentations.

Sales Video

Larson-Marvine worked directly with corporate management to develop a sales video, targeted to a global audience, to craft the content, selected the production crew, supervised the shoot and postproduction, and designed the opening animation featuring the new corporate identity.


Road show presentations, web development, to fully integrated marketing campaigns

The process is different for each client and their specific needs. Often the initial steps include developing a road show presentation to help secure financing. Developing the brand, the vision, and the projections for future growth involves helping others to see the brand before it even exists. These are always exciting opportunities to collaborate with founders and share our years of experience. We have over 25 years of experience across the full array of business strategy, communication design, and multi-channel integrated communications, to help bring the vision to a reality. Contact us to help take the first steps, to roll out to launch and beyond.

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