Create content that drives engagement

Engage your customers quickly with illustrations, photos, videos, animation, info graphics, or interactive games. It's about how you show, not tell, your brand story. One of our favorite stories shows how emotional content and a great story drives customer engagement in the video we created for Crate and Barrel.

Crate and Barrel wins hearts and minds with Donors Choose

Since 2006, Crate and Barrel and its customers have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to public school classrooms through their unique Giving Card program created to support Crate and Barrel distributed the cards as a ‘thank-you’ to its customers. The positive responses from customers has been tremendous, as demonstrated in this video Larson-Marvine created for Crate and Barrel to highlight the success of the program.


Inform with illustrations, photo collages and info graphics

Over 65% of people are visual learners. In addition, online audiences are more engaged by creative rich media content. They come back, follow what they're interested in, and tell their friends what they like. Make content easy to share and your brand may grow faster through viral marketing, shared across social media channels.

Discover insights that track views, heat maps, and engagement with videos and animation

Real-time information helps to provide the best customer experiences. Actionable data on preferences, engagement levels, and opportunities to interact continue to expand across traditional and digital media.

The creative use of graphic animation, live action, and the combination of the two creates dynamic visual storytelling. In just a few seconds the tone is set for the opening of a program. Transitions between content areas reinforce the message. Complicated concepts are simplified and encapsulate the entire story. Contact us to explore how we can help create dynamic, engaging content for you.


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