Tell your story

Whether your story is 150 years old with iconic brands like Bacardi Limited or your company is a start up, your story can ignite the imagination. It may start with a road show to investors, a presentation to sponsors, or a full-blown live industry event. When it grows, there may be direct mail, social media advertising, regional advertising, national print and digital ads, and perhaps global campaigns. But where ever your audience is, you need to tell a great story that people want to share with friends, family, and peers.

Storytelling in traditional and digital advertising

Creating new ways to tell stories begins with identifying the emotions, dreams, and aspirations of your audience. Capturing the essence visually and verbally with an eye-catching design helps the message stand out from the competition.

Enchanting Kitchens begin with Mico national print advertising – a simple, elegant, enchanting story told through custom imagery.

These concepts translate to all communications mediums and channels. We develop concepts and strategies that roll out to all forms of traditional and digital channels to carry a consistent message to each target audience.

Bacardi Limited presentations

We worked for Bacardi Limited in association with a master storyteller, Susan Hague of Spring Creative, for over 10 years to help tell stories of their brand's growth beyond Bacardi rum to include Martini, Bombay, Grey Goose, Dewar's, Eristoff and more for industry events and shareholder meetings. A rich legacy displayed with rich media that included animated timelines, charts, graphs, animation sequences, and embedded videos.

Capture attention with advertising

When seconds count it is critical that the eye is intrigued. Visual cues lead the way, provide first impressions, hold attention, and simplify delivery of the message. People learn to associate specific symbols, visual patterns, and design aesthetics associated with a brand.

Deliver a unique, consistent brand experience in all media

Strategic design of advertising and promotion creatively deploy these messages across all media channels. As the number of digital channels increases with social marketing, integrated communications facilitate a consistent corporate identity and voice while delivering messages that move people.

Create a call to action

Literally or figuratively, in every communication there is an implied call to action. To be aware. Learn. Come in. Call. Buy. Contribute. Interact. Play. Share your story.

So yes – please do.

Call or contact us today so you can experience our "boutique" approach and we can help share your story.


Commitment to help non-profit organizations

Each year we strive to help at least one non-profit organization with their marketing and fund-raising needs. We donate our time and talent at a significantly reduced rate. We find that this helps professionally-managed organizations to monitor the efficiency of their team while gaining access to a high-level of service.

We worked more than 10 years with JDRF, JPA, and Chicago Lights to develop and maintain their websites, created a donation engine that also sold tickets and tables for gala events. Some additional favorites include the Chicago Botanic Garden annual fundraising campaign and special events for Mercy Housing on this page. We have helped many other organizations with advertising, annual reports, newsletters, invitations, writing, presentations, website design, and even helping with grants.

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